Friday, July 13, 2018

The One Hundred :: Helado Negro - Awe Owe

Just as there are certain records that continually sell year after year, there are some titles that are continually either just under the radar of popularity, or maybe just need a bit of a highlight to remind you they are still out there waiting for new ears. As an experiment we are going to build a list of one hundred titles, all currently in stock, that we think you should lend an ear to.

 Helado Negro - Awe Owe (Asthmatic Kitty, 2009) // Used CD

Debut album by Roberto Carlos Lange, formerly known for his contributions to Guillermo Scott Herren's (Prefuse 73) Savath & Savalas side project. Helado Negro (or "Black Ice Cream") blends bedroom electronics with a cool Spanish vibe that's great for easy listens or mellow party situations. There's quite a lengthy discography, but this is the first and one of the best. 

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