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Best of 2015

OK... here's our 50 favourites of the year, overstuffed with soundcloud and youtube [tip: just let the page fully load before you navigate on it]. It was put together pretty quickly, and it applies more to what I've been listening to than what might have been selling in larger quantities through the store. Hopefully you'll see a few things you already like, find a few things you end up liking, and find even more things that make you curious to hear more... OK?  HERE WE GO.  Oh, by the way, they are just in alphabetical order, not ranked.
The list first without audio/video:

Anamai - Sallows (Buzz)
Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars (Sub Pop)
Benoit Pioulard - Stanzas (Kranky)
Big/Brave - Au De La (Southern Lord)
Cemeteries - Barrow (Track and Field)
Chris Forsyth / Koen Holtkamp - The Island (Trouble in Mind)
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Never Were the Way She Says (Constellation)
Deerhunter - Fading Frontier (4AD)
Disasterpiece - It Follows OST (Milan)
Doldrums - The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Sub Pop)
Donnacha Costello - Stay Perfectly Still (self-released)
Find the Others - Empire of Time (Forward)
Ghost and Tape - Shift (Slaapwel)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress (Conste
Helen - The Original Faces (Kranky)
Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle (6131 Records)
Jóhann Jóhannsson  - Sicario OST (Varese Sarabande)
King Midas Sound / Fennesz - Edition 1 (Ninja Tune)
Kreng - The Summoner (Miasmah)
Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm Goin' Down (Matador)
Liturgy - The Ark Work (Thrill Jockey)
Lou Barlow - Brace the Wave (Joyful Noise)
Martin Courtney - Many Moons (Domino)
Moonsocket - Eurydice (Noyes)
Mount Eerie - Sauna (P.W. Elevrum & Sun Ltd)
Multicast Dynamics - Scandinavia (Denovali)
Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic (Paradise of Bachelors)
Noveller - Fantastic Planet (Fire)
Obnox - Boogalou Reed (12XU)
Ought - Sun Coming Down (Constellation)
Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper (Domino)
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)
Pyramid Vritra - Indra (Rhymesayers)
Rival Consoles - Howl (Erased Tapes)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - Frkwys Vol.12 (RVNG)
Ryley Walker - Primrose Green (Dead Oceans)
Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love (Sub Pop)
Steve Gunn and Black Twig Pickers - Seasonal Hire (Thrill Jockey)
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (Asthmatic Kitty)
Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes (Caldo Verde)
Sunn O))) - Kannon (Southern Lord)
Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart - S/T (Secret City)
Tanlines - Highlights (True Panther)
Teen Daze - Morning World (Paper Bag)
The Declining Winter - Home for Lost Souls (Home Assembley)
The Mountain Goats - Beat the Champ (Merge)
Tiny Vipers - Ambience 3 (Box Bedroom Rebels)
U.S. Girls - Half Free (4AD)
Waxahatchee - Ivy Tripp (Merge)
William Basinski - Cascade (2062)
Anamai - Sallows (Buzz)

Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars (Sub Pop)

Benoit Pioulard - Sonnet (Kranky)

Big/Brave - Au De La (Southern Lord)

Cemeteries - Barrow (Track and Field)

Chris Forsyth / Koen Holtkamp - The Island (Trouble in Mind)

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Never Were the Way She Says (Constellation)

Deerhunter - Fading Frontier (4AD)

Disasterpiece - It Follows OST (Milan)

Doldrums - The Air Conditioned Nightmare (Sub Pop)

Donnacha Costello - Stay Perfectly Still (self-released)

Find the Others - Empire of Time (Forward)

Ghost and Tape - Shift (Slaapwel) [note this track is not from Shift]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress (Constellation)

Helen - The Original Faces (Kranky)

Julien Baker - Sprained Ankle (6131 Records)

Jóhann Jóhannsson  - Sicario OST (Varese Sarabande)

King Midas Sound / Fennesz - Edition 1 (Ninja Tune)

Kreng - The Summoner (Miasmah)
Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm Goin' Down (Matador)
Liturgy - The Ark Work (Thrill Jockey)


Lou Barlow - Brace the Wave (Joyful Noise)


Martin Courtney - Many Moons (Domino)


Moonsocket - Eurydice (Noyes)


Mount Eerie - Sauna (P.W. Elevrum & Sun Ltd)


Multicast Dynamics - Scandinavia (Denovali)


Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic (Paradise of Bachelors)


Noveller - Fantastic Planet (Fire)


Obnox - Boogalou Reed (12XU)


Ought - Sun Coming Down (Constellation)


Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper (Domino)


Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art)


Pyramid Vritra - Indra (Rhymesayers) [too late i realize this is a 2014 release, but f#ck it, enjoy]


Rival Consoles - Howl (Erased Tapes)


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma - Frkwys Vol.12 (RVNG)


Ryley Walker - Primrose Green (Dead Oceans)


Sleater-Kinney - No Cities to Love (Sub Pop)


Steve Gunn and Black Twig Pickers - Seasonal Hire (Thrill Jockey)


Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell (Asthmatic Kitty)


Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes (Caldo Verde)

Sunn O))) - Kannon (Southern Lord)


Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart - S/T (Secret City)


Tanlines - Highlights (True Panther)


Teen Daze - Morning World (Paper Bag)


The Declining Winter - Home for Lost Souls (Home Assembley)


The Mountain Goats - Beat the Champ (Merge)


Tiny Vipers - Ambience 3 (Box Bedroom Rebels)


U.S. Girls - Half Free (4AD)


Waxahatchee - Ivy Tripp (Merge)


William Basinski - Cascade (2062)

October, November, December Vinyl of the Month choices

MAN!!! It's been a long lazy time. Well not entirely lazy, some of it has to do with the encroaching (now here) holiday season and all the prep that goes with it... but still. We're forced to slap together a post featuring three months' worth of Vinyl of the Month choices to end the year. Enough with apologies, here are the choices:

For October the pick was Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect. Great follow up to one of our favourite albums of last year, Under Color of Official Right. This is the noise of Detroit, Michigan... which sounds a little bit like the noise of Minnesota circa mid-to-late 80s when bands like Hüsker Dü and The Replacements walked the earth. A little pissed, a little sloppy, a little amazing.

For November we had Martin Courtney - Many Moons. Solo album by the lead singer for Real Estate, this opens things up and lets a little folksy light into the sparkly rock sound of his band. But make no mistake, the easy to like/hard to pinpoint vibe still dominates.

And finally December brings us Sunn O))) - Kannon. For those uninitiated to these sludge/doom masters this is a good jumping on point. After growing ever more expansive in their own work (their last proper band release Monoliths and Dimensions back in 2009 was epic) and varied in collaborations that featured everyone from Scott Walker to Nurse with Wound to Ulver, Kannon strips things back to a more basic roar of distress and dismay. You know, in a good way.
And that wraps up 2015. We're starting back up in 2016 with the club as it stands, but also with a couple of possible adjustments to make it even more user friendly for every. Stay tuned for details coming very very soon.

2015 Vinyl of the Month Picks:

January: Siksiyou - Nervous
February: Pond - Man it Feels Like Space Again
March: Ryley Walker - Primrose Green
April: Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Never Were the Way She Says
May: Robert Pollard - Faulty Superheroes
June: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call
July: Peacers - S/T
August: Mike Krol - Turkey
September: Lou Barlow - Brace the Tide
October: Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect
November: Martin Courtney - Many Moons
December: Sunn O))) - Kannon

Thursday, October 01, 2015

September Vinyl of the Month Lou Barlow - Brace the Wave

Those of you up on your indie rock history will know Lou Barlow as a member of Dinosaur jr., founder of Sebadoh, Sentridoh, Folk Implosion, and many other offshoots. His straight-to-fourtrack approach to songwriting and recording kickstarted one of the defining elements of late 80s/early 90s truly independent music.

His output in the 2000s has been modest quantity-wise but mighty quality-wise, and this solo album follows the 2013 Sebadoh reunion album, Defend Yourself, also on Joyful Noise records.

Here's what Pitchfork has to say about the release.

And here's a sample:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday, September 03, 2015

August Vinyl of the Month: Mike Krol - Turkey

For August's (slightly late) Vinyl of the Month we return to Merge records for another instant classic of buzzy psychedelic pop. Here's what the label has to say about Mike Krol's  first full length for them after a couple of swell 10" e.p.s:

In bowling’s hallowed alleys, a strike is the minor miracle of all ten pins falling at once. Back-to-back strikes make a double. Do it a third time and you’ve got yourself a turkey.

History will decide which sports metaphor to apply to Mike Krol’s first two records, I Hate Jazz (2011) and Trust Fund (2013). But as needle meets groove on Turkey—Krol’s first record for Merge—there is no ambiguity. A shiny black ball tumbles past the suburban strip malls of a polyestered Wisconsin and veers precariously close to an East Coast gutter before gathering momentum in a physics-defying sprint for the Pacific. California is where the headpin falls—the right velocity, the perfect geometry, the bowler’s intent beautifully realized in a noisy moment of awesome destruction.

Mike Krol got his bike stolen and his heart broken. He bailed on graphic-design-as-career. He kept playing drums and guitars, and he kept writing songs about the stuff he hated and the stuff he loved. Leaving Milwaukee for Los Angeles, he took a few years’ worth of wrong turns. But when he showed up at a studio in Sacramento in March 2014, he had his affairs in order. Plug the vocal mic into a guitar amp. Plug the guitar into an overheating box of vacuum tubes. Put the computer in the closet. Roll the tape.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Second Chances

Twenty titles in our Used CD New Arrivals that should be in your collection (If they aren't already)
  1.  Angels of Light - We Are Him
  2. Animal Collective - Spirit They've Gone (2CD) 
  3. Arcade Fire - Suburbs
  4. Broken Social Scene - You Forgot it in People
  5. Calexico - Carried to Dust
  6. Caribou - Andorra 
  7. Leonard Cohen - Ten New Songs
  8. Eels - Beautiful Freak
  9. Mercury Rev - Deserters Song
  10. The National - Alligator
  11. Panda Bear - Person Pitch 
  12. Ramones - Rocket to Russia
  13. Otis Redding - Otis Blue
  14. Elliott Smith - Figure 8
  15. Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
  16. Turbonegro - Ass Cobra
  17. Volcano Choir - Unmap 
  18. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
  19. Wu Tang Clan - Enter the 36 Chambers
  20. Frank Zappa - Sheik Yerbouti
enjoy this 17 track mix of the picks:

Via Deezer

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

July Vinyl of the Month Peacers

This month we turn our attention to the Drag City label for a debut album from Mike Donovan whose previous band, Sic Alps, called it a day a couple of years ago. Like Sic Alps, Peacers tread the fuzzy areas, both literally and figurately, of psychedelic rock. Produced and featuring contributions from wunderkind Ty Segall... this is a great leaping on point to see if the new garage psych world is for you.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

June Vinyl of the Month: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Boatman's Call

The early discography of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds has been seeing a gradual reissue since late last year. This month one of the crown jewels gets a new vinyl lease on life: The Boatman's Call, originally released in 1997, is perhaps a little more of simmer than the full boil of the previous year's Murder Ballads, but in its restraint it reveals a depth to Cave that was only hinted at earlier.

In a canon of songs that values manic storytelling and character studies, this quieter piano-driven affair may be the closest thing to a personal-slash-breakup album that Cave has recorded (with PJ Harvey being the purported muse for several of the songs). Atypical though it may be, it still serves a gentle entry point into the world of Bad Seeds and Birthday Parties and Grindermen that Cave has associated with for over 30 years now.

Monday, April 27, 2015

April Vinyl of the Month Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld - Never Were the Way She Says

Once again we've returned to the well of Constellation Records for our April pick.  Husband and wife powerhouse duo Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld collaborate on a beautiful, terrifying, sublime work that seems perfect for putting winter to bed.

Stetson has release a couple of albums on Constellation in his series of New History Warfare which featured his visceral, circular breathing approach to saxophone... as well as vocal assists from Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.  Neufeld, who is also a violinist for Arcade Fire, has her own solo album on Constellation feauring a very elemental approach to the instrument.  So this pairing is a great promise, musically.

Constellation says this:

Two of Constellation's acclaimed solo instrumental artists join forces on this tremendous new album of original compositions for horn and violin.

Colin Stetson has developed a unique and renowned voice as a performer and composer, chiefly on bass and tenor saxophones, where he rallies an array of technical strengths and innovations (circular breathing, contact micing of his own body and the body of his instrument, vocalizations through the reed) to make some of the most captivatingly organic, darkly soulful and otherworldly solo instrumental work of recent years. His brilliant trilogy of New History Warfare records (2007-2013) has been resoundingly celebrated by critics, fans and fellow musicians across many genres: avant/jazz, modern classical/minimalism, electronic/noise, industrial/dark ambient, black metal and indie rock.

The solo violin work of Sarah Neufeld has emerged more recently, and especially through 2011-2014, in the period between her primary band Arcade Fire's last two albums. While no stranger to modern/minimalist composition with her Bell Orchestre ensemble dating back to the early 2000s, Neufeld has lately forged a newly distinctive, deliberate and evocative solo violin practice combining rock, folk, ambient and modernist sensibilities, culminating with her debut solo album Hero Brother in 2013.

Stetson and Neufeld first began playing in duo formation while on tour together as soloists in 2012, joining each other on stage for one or two of their respective pieces. Stetson had also collaborated in the past with Bell Orchestre and Arcade Fire, and with Neufeld and Shahzad Ismaily in an improv trio dating back to 2010 (including the Blue Caprice soundtrack). Duo compositions for their debut album emerged throughout 2014, and were road-tested that spring with performances at the Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (Canada) and Moers Festival (Germany). The album was recorded without overdubbing, looping, sampling, cutting or pasting at their farmhouse attic studio in rural Vermont by Hans Bernhard and mixed in Montreal by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire).

Never were the way she was is guided by the metaphorical narrative of the life of a girl who ages slow as mountains; excited, exalted, and ultimately exiled in her search for a world that resembles her experience. The album's expansive sonic trajectory and multiplicity of structures and voicings belies the fundamental economy of two acoustic instruments combining in real time. The result is a musical chronicle that powerfully establishes its own spatial and temporal horizon, a soundtrack that requires no images but profoundly compels the imaginative. From the filigreed ostinato polyrhythms of “The sun roars into view” and “In the vespers” to the stately long tones of “And they still move”, the dark drone-inflected sea-saw waltz of “With the dark hug of time” to the growling, pulsing thrust of the album’s epic centerpiece “The rest of us”, Stetson and Neufeld offer up an incredible (and impressively diverse) integration of composition, performance, timbre and texture while holding their respective instruments in sparkling juxtaposition. Never were the way she was is a sum quite definitively and thrillingly greater than its parts.

It's a bit of an experiment for you subscribers, but I hope one that you enjoy.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Vinyl of the Month Ryley Walker - Primrose Green

This month's pick for VINYL OF THE MONTH comes from the Dead Oceans label.  Here's what they have to say about Ryley Walker:

Because he plays guitar so damn well, it's tempting to lump Ryley Walker in with the growing number of pickers and strummers like William Tyler and Steve Gunn. That comparison isn't too far off either, especially if you want to use a phrase like "post-American Primitive." But Walker counts himself a Chicagoan, so it's equally apt to align him with local post-rock outfits like Tortoise and the Sea & Cake. "Primrose Green", the title track from his upcoming second album, combines the two traditions with remarkable fluidity. It opens as an acoustic pastoral, with Walker singing over a tapestry of lush piano chords and curlicues of guitar notes. As the song moves into its jazz-folk coda, the music rambles but seems increasingly geometric—more orderly, not less. "Lost my mind with a headful of primrose green," Walker laments, but this is no bad trip.

Since January and February picks were in the rockier/heavier vein we though March and it's Springiness could use a little acoustic in the mix. Primrose Green follows a 2013 album called All Kinds of You released on the great Tompkins Square label. 

Here's a track:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Record Store Day 2015 (April 18th)

Vinyl singles by folks like James Last? Five different full length colour vinyl reissues by U.K. Subs? 7"s for the price of 12" singles? 12" singles for the price of (expensive) full length records? And full length records that normally go for half the price, but now are really expensive because they are "limited" to 4000 copies and on swirly pink and yellow vinyl? IT MUST BE RECORD STORE DAY 2015!!!

Below is the (as of this writing) master list of titles the various labels and distributors are making available to we Canadian vinyl fans. As always availability and fill will be a matter of great question right up to the day they are supposed to be in store. There are 500+ titles offered (and some seemingly re-offered if my eyes don't deceive). Last year's sale was a big success, but truth be told it had as much if not more to do with sales of regular stock more than the RSD ones... some of which is still lingering on our shelves. Because of this factor we are planning to be fairly conservative this year when it comes to stocking RSD titles... also the fact that there isn't a great percentage of them we find tremendously interesting.

THAT SAID if there are titles any of you want we will be more than happy (MUCH MORE THAN HAPPY) to do our best to secure them for you. Contact us via or on our Facebook page or (gasp) even come in to the store if you have questions of want a price on any of these.

We'll be posting a list of the titles that we actually might be taking a chance on a little bit later, but in the meantime... feast your eyes on the collectable rock bloat:


a-ha - Take On Me    7" / picture disc
Air - Playground Love           7" / orange colour vinyl
Bee Gees - "Extended" EP    12" EP / black vinyl
Ben Lee - Big Love     7"
Big Data - Dangerous   7" Square Shaped Flexi Disc
Blue Mountain Eagle - Blue Mountain Eagle  12" / 180 gram black vinyl
Built To Spill - Untethered Moon  12" Black or Transparent Blue Colour Vinyl w/Bonus CD
David Bowie – Changes  7" / picture disc
Deep Purple - Book of Taliesyn (Mono)  12" / white vinyl
Deep Purple - Black Night / Speed King  7" / blue opaque vinyl in picture bag
Echosmith - Acoustic Dreams  12" White colour Vinyl
Flaming Lips - Bad Days  10" White, Green, Yellow colour vinyl
Flaming Lips – Brainville  10" Yellow colour vinyl           
Flaming Lips - This Here Giraffe  10" Orange & Clear colour vinyl
Grateful Dead - Wake Up To Find Out: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY 3/29/90  5 x 12" 180 gram vinyl
Grouplove - Under The Covers  10"
Happy Mondays - Pills Thrills n’ Bellyaches   12" / 180 gram yellow colour vinyl
Hawkwind – Hawkwind  12" / 180 gram orange vinyl
In This Moment - Sex Metal Barbie            1 X 7" Pink colour vinyl
Jaco Pastorius - The Warner Bros. Years VBO  12" / 180 gram black vinyl
Jethro Tull - Live at Carnegie Hall  2 x 12" / 180 gram black vinyl
Lord Sitar  - Lord Sitar (Stereo)  12" / 180 gram green vinyl
Mastodon -  Atlanta  12" Picture Disc 
Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse EP    1 x 12" Dual color- Side A: P6 baby pink / Side B: P12 electric blue w/ digital download
Original Cast Recording - Hedwig And The Angry Inch  1 X 12" Pink Colour vinyl w/Digital Download
Otis Redding - Otis Blue  2 x 12"/7"  180 gram black vinyl w/7" Blue colour vinyl
Rainbow Ffolly - Sallies Fforth (Mono)  1 x 12" / splattered colour vinyl
Ride - OX4  2 x 12" / Translucent Red coloured vinyl
Robert Plant - More Roar   10"
Steve Reich - Music For 18 Muscians  2 x 12" 180 gram vinyl
Stone Sour - Meanwhile In Burbank… 1 X 12" Black & White Marble vinyl w/ digital download     
Stooges - Live at Ungano's  1 x 12" / Black & White splattered vinyl
Supergrass - Sofa (Of My Lethagy) 7" / coloured vinyl
SXS - David Bowie/Tom Verlaine - Kingdom Come  7" White/Clear Colour Vinyl
SXS - Death Cab for Cutie/Freedy Johnston - Bad Reputation  7" Baby Blue Splatter colour vinyl
SXS - Dionne Warwick/The Stranglers - Walk On By  7" Aqua Blue/Magenta Splatter Coulor Vinyl
SXS - Gram Parsons/Lemonheads - Brass Buttons           7" Pink/Braonze colour vinyl
SXS - Mystery Artists -  Mystery  7"
SXS - Syd Barrett/R.E.M - Dark Globe   7" Gold/White/Red/ Black colour vinyl
Tegan & Sarah - Live At Zia Records  12" Aqua Blue colour vinyl          
The 101ers - Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Revisited)  2 x 12" / red vinyl          
The Devil Wears Prada - South Of The City           7" Clear Vinyl w Digital Download
The Doors - Strange Days (Mono)  1 x 12" / 180 gram black vinyl
The Dresden Dolls - Yes Virginia & No Virgina  3 x 12" / Marble colour vinyl
The Gods  - Genesis (Mono) 1 x 12" / splattered colour vinyl
The Replacements - Alex Chilton  10" / black vinyl
The Saints - Eternally Yours  1 x 12" / Green color vinyl
The Used -  Shallow Believer  12" Royal Blue colour vinyl
Tomorrow  - Tomorrow (Mono)  1 x 12" / splattered vinyl
Twenty One Pilots - The LC LP  1 X 12" Red colour vinyl
Young The Giant – Mirrorball  1 X 10" w/ digital download

Metallica - No Life Till Leather  Cassette
Erasure - The Violet Flame Remixes          
Eyedea & Abilities - E&A  2 X 12 Picture Disc Includes Digital
Gallagher - Best of Gallagher  1 X 12  Picture Disc Includes Digital Download
Grizzly Bear - Horn of Plenty   1 X 12 Transparent Splatter Vinyl includes Digital Download
Johnny Marr - I Feel You  7"
MC Lyte – Legend  1 X 12 Translucent Gold Colour includes Digital Download
New Madrid - Dawn Teeth Rattling EP  12" Includes Digital Download
OFF! - Live From The BBC  10"
Rich Robinson - I Remember          
Sessions '64!! - Sessions '64!!  10" Translucent Gold Colour
Slim Dunlap - The New Me/Times Like This  2 X 12"
Steve Earle & The Dukes - Terraplane Blues   10"
Surfer Blood - Astro Coast   1 X 12 Purple Colour Vinyl Includes Digital Download
Various Artists - Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances, Vol. 2        1 X 12" Includes Digital Download


311 - Grifter b/w Who's Got The Herb? 7 inch Vinyl Single
A$AP Rocky - LPFJ2   7 inch Vinyl Single
Adam & The Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier / Ant Music 7 inch Vinyl Single
Alvin Lee - Still On The Road To Freedom  Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Billie Holiday - Lady In Satin Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bob Dylan - The Night We Called It A Day 7 inch Vinyl Single
Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A.        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run    Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bruce Springsteen - Greetings From Ashbury Park, N.J.   Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska         Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bruce Springsteen - The River        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Bruce Springsteen - The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Calvin Harris – Motion  Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Candlemass - Live - Limited Edition LP      Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Cassandra Wilson/Billie Holiday - You Go to My Head & The Mood That I'm In  10 inch Vinyl Single
Charlie Feathers - Charlie Feathers            10 inch Vinyl Single
Chet Atkins - My Brother Sings       Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - CRB RSD 2015      CD Longplay
Citizen Dick - Touch Me I'm Dick     7 inch Vinyl Single
Clutch - From Beale Street To Oblivion      Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Courtney Barnett - Brand New Song          Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
D Generation - Queens of A  Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
D'Angelo and The Vanguard  - The Charade b/w 1000 Deaths   7 inch Vinyl Single
Dom Flemons - What Got Over        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Foo Fighters - Songs From The Laundry Room      10 inch Vinyl Single
Future User - #Steroidsorheroin     12 inch Single Vinyl
George Ezra - Wanted On Voyage   Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Gov't Mule - Stoned Side Of The Mule Volume 2  Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed          Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Islander - Violence & Destruction   Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Jeff Beck - Hi Ho Silver Lining/Beck's Bolero         7 inch Vinyl Single
Jeff Beck - Love Is Blue/ I've Been Drinking          7 inch Vinyl Single
Jeff Beck - Tallyman/Rock My Plimsoul      7 inch Vinyl Single
Jesse Malin - Hardcore Feeling        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze b/w Freedom (Live)  7 inch Vinyl Single
Johnny Cash - Koncert v Praze (In Prague - Live)            Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Jungle Rot - Terror Regime  Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Junior Brown - Better Call Saul       7 inch Vinyl Single
Kate Pierson - Don't Sting the Bee b/w Wolves    7 inch Vinyl Single
Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible 20th Anniversary        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Mark Mothersbaugh - Lego Movie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack           Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In the Heat of the Moment 12 inch Vinyl Single
Path Of Resistance - Who Dares Wins        Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Real Friends - More Acoustic Songs EP       Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Reverend Horton Heat - It's A Rave-Up b/w Beer, Write This Song (RSD) 7 inch Vinyl
Run The Jewels - Record Store Day Release          Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Simon & Garfunkel - Homeward Bound b/w Leaves That Are Green     7 inch Vinyl
Slayer - When the Stillness Comes 7"         7 inch Vinyl Single
Sly & The Family Stone - Live at the Fillmore East            Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Live from the Alabama Theatre  12 inch Single
Temples - Mesmerise Live EP          Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
The Black Keys - Meet Me in The City        7 inch Vinyl Single
The Waterboys - Puck's Blues         10 inch Vinyl Extended Play
The Weepies - Sirens            Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Todd Snider - Impending Doom     7 inch Vinyl Single
Tove Styrke - WLM   7 inch Vinyl Single
Various - The Walking Dead: Original Soundtrack Vol.2 Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Various - The Wrestling Album/ Piledriver           Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Warzone - Fight For Justice  Vinyl Longplay 33 1/3
Yellowcard - A Perfect Sky   10 inch Vinyl Single


!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - All U Writers / Gonna Guetta Stomp  Vinyl Singles
Alex Harvey - Midnight Moses / Jumping Jack Flash        7"  Vinyl Singles
Art (AKA Spooky Tooth) - What's That Sound (For What It's Worth) / Rome Take Away - Three     7"  Vinyl Singles
Atreyu - So Others May Live    7"  Vinyl Singles
Banks - Beggin' For Thread Vinyl Singles
Blackberry Smoke - Wood, Wire & Roses   10" Vinyl
Blue Oyster Cult - Bad Channels (Original Motion Picture Score) (2-LP) Vinyl LP's
Bob Marley - Bob Marley Interviews - So Much Things to Say    Vinyl LP's
Braid - Kids Get Grids     7"  Vinyl Singles
Brenton Wood - Oogum Boogum    Vinyl LP's
Brian Wilson - The Right Time / Sail Away            7"  Vinyl Singles
Charlie Musselwhite - Stand Back!  Vinyl LP's
Charlie Parker - The Charlie Parker Story Vinyl LP's
Chris Koster - Fully Completely / I'm Your Man   7"  Vinyl Singles
Chris Stapleton - Instereo    10" Vinyl
Cold War Kids - Five Quick Hits       10" Vinyl
Comeback Kid - Rain City Sessions +1        10" Vinyl
Country Joe And The Fish - Together         Vinyl LP's
Curtis Fuller Quintet - Blues-ette    Vinyl LP's
Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979 (Picture Disc)        10" Vinyl
Devendra Banhart / Joanna Newsom - Family Jams (w/Book)   DVD
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Don't Stand Me Down           Vinyl LP's
Dire Straits - Honky Tonk Demos (2x 7-Inch)       7"  Vinyl Singles
Doc and Merle Watson - Ballads from the Gap      Vinyl LP's
Dolly Parton - The Grass Is Blue      Vinyl LP's
Dr. Strangley Strange - Kip of the Serenes            Vinyl LP's
Dusty Springfield - What's It Gonna Be / Spooky 7"  Vinyl Singles
Electric Wizard - Time To Die (2-LP)          Vinyl LP's
Fotheringay - Bruton Town / The Way I Feel        7"  Vinyl Singles
Frank Sinatra - Songs for Young Lovers    10" Vinyl
Frank Zappa - 200 Motels    7"  Vinyl Singles
Garbage - RSD Exclusive 10-Inch    10" Vinyl
Gemma Hayes - Palamino    7"  Vinyl Singles
George Thorogood - And the Delaware Destroyers          Vinyl LP's
Georgie Fame - The Soul EP            Vinyl EP
Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain   Vinyl LP's
Grace Jones - I Need A Man / La Vie En Rose        Vinyl Singles
Greg Allman - Live     10" Vinyl
Hawkwind - Back on the Streets / Dream of Isis   7"  Vinyl Singles
Heartbreakers - Live at Max's Kansas City Volume 1 & 2 (2-LP)            Vinyl LP's
Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage   Vinyl LP's
Herman's Hermits - Blaze    Vinyl LP's
Hollerado - 111 Songs          7"  Vinyl Singles
Jah Wobble - Merry Go Round / Let's Go Psycho  10" Vinyl
James Cotton - Cut You Loose!    Vinyl LP's
James Last - Everyday People / Here Comes the Sun      7"  Vinyl Singles
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Flashback (w/CD)    Vinyl LP's
Jobraith - Jobraith A.D. (w/DVD)    Vinyl LP's
John Butler Trio - Ocean      Vinyl LP's
John Martyn - Cocaine / London Conversation     7"  Vinyl Singles
Johnny Winter - It's My Life, Baby  Vinyl LP's
Junior Wells - It's My Life, Baby      Vinyl LP's
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - A Little Something From the Road, Volume 1 Compact Disc
Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - A Little Something From the Road, Volume 2 Vinyl LP's
Kevin Kiner - Star Wars Rebels Theme (Picture Disc)     7"  Vinyl Singles
Kids In Despair - K.I.D   Cassette
Larry Young - Selections from Larry Young In Paris - The ORTF Recordings    10" Vinyl
Lost Midas - The Seshen - Reworked   7"  Vinyl Singles
Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You / Once Upon A Time         7"  Vinyl Singles
Matthew Barber and the Spades - Fool For You   7"  Vinyl Singles
Melissa Payne - Downtown / Bring Me Back         7"  Vinyl Singles
Midlake - Live in Denton, TX (w/DVD)       Vinyl LP's
Miles Davis - The Prestige Collection, Volume 2 (5x10-inch)      10" Vinyl
Monty Python - Galaxie Song (Stephen Hawking Version) / Galaxie Song        7"  Vinyl Singles
Mumford And Sons - The Wolf / Believe   7"  Vinyl Singles
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton     Cassette
N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton (Picture Disc)    Vinyl LP's
Nat 'King' Cole - Unforgettable / The Magic Window      10" Vinyl
O.M.D. - Julia's Song (Dub Version) / 10 to 1        7"  Vinyl Singles
Oneohtrix Point Never - Commission II      Vinyl Singles
Placebo - Placebo      Vinyl LP's
Procol Harum - Homburg EP           7"  Vinyl Singles
Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist In Me / About Damn Time / Will Potter         7"  Vinyl Singles
Robert Earl Keen - Gringo Honeymoon      Vinyl LP's
Rosanne Cash            - The Sunken Lands / The Long Way Home         7"  Vinyl Singles
Roxy Music - Ladytron / The Bob / The Numberer (Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)     10" Vinyl
Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up / When The Rope Gets Tight   7"  Vinyl Singles
Ryuichi Sakamoto / David Sylvian - Bamboo Houses (Remix) / Bamboo Music            7"  Vinyl Singles
Sam Roberts - Counting the Day (12-Inch EP)     Vinyl EP
Simple Minds - Waterfront / Hunter and the Hunted     7"  Vinyl Singles
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Join Hands       Vinyl LP's
Stan Getz / Joao Gilberto - Selections from Getz/Gilberto '76      10" Vinyl
Tears For Fears - Shout (UK Extended Version) / Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Extended Version)        Vinyl Singles
The 1975 - Facedown EP     Vinyl EP
The 1975 - IV EP      Vinyl EP
The 1975 - Music For Cars EP         Vinyl EP
The 1975 - Sex EP    Vinyl EP
The Animals - The Animals No. 2 EP           10" Vinyl
The Kinks - Kinksize Hits     7"  Vinyl Singles
The Kinks - Kinksize Session           7"  Vinyl Singles
The Kinks - You Really Got Me (Live) / Milk Cow Blues   7"  Vinyl Singles
The Lees Of Memory - Soft Places / Within a Dream II    7"  Vinyl Singles
The Maccabees - Colour It In           Vinyl LP's
The Mavericks - Mono          Vinyl LP's
The Prodigy - Ibiza   7"  Vinyl Singles
The Residents - Intermission           Vinyl LP's
The Small Faces - 5x French EPs     Vinyl LP's
The Who - Be Lucky / Can't Explain           7"  Vinyl Singles
Those Darlins/Diarrhea Planet - Live at Pickation Split   Compact Disc
Tom Jones - Chills / Fever / Breathless      7"  Vinyl Singles
TV On The Radio - Trouble Double Vinyl Singles
Twin Peaks - RSD (7-Inch)  7"  Vinyl Singles
Two Bears - Bears in Space (w/CD)           Vinyl LP's
Typhoon - Prosthetic Love (Piano) 7"  Vinyl Singles
U2 - Songs of Innocence       Vinyl LP's
Various Artists - Creation Artifact 45 (10x 7-Inch)          7"  Vinyl Singles
Various Artists - The Darjeeling Limited (Original Soundtrack)  Vinyl LP's
Various Artists - Trojan Records: Rude Boy Rumble         Vinyl LP's
Various Artists - When I Reach That Heavenly Shore: Unearthly Black Gospel, 1926-1936   Vinyl LP's
Venom - From the Very Depths (2-LP)      Vinyl LP's
Wes Montgomery - One Night In Indy (feat. The Eddie Higgins Trio)   Vinyl EP

Various others

ABBOTT, LUKE - Music For A Flat Landscape/OST – Soundtrack   12” 
ANNABEL (LEE) - By The Sea And Other Solitary Places   CD
ANNABEL (LEE) - By The Sea And Other Solitary Places   LP
BASEBALL PROJECT / MINUS 5 - Redeyed in Austin 12"
BURGESS, TIM - Track Of My Life / A Gift    12"
CHARLATANS UK, THE - Emilie / Emanuelle  7"
CLOUD NOTHINGS - Here And Nowhere Else Remixed   LP
DECEMBERISTS, THE - Picaresque (10th Anniversary - red vinyl)  LP
DOUG HREAM BLUNT - Gentle Persuasion (Remix)  LP
DWARVES, THE - Fun To Try   7"
DYLAN, BOB & THE BAND - The Basement Tapes (Mono - 130gm vinyl)  LP
DYLAN, BOB & THE BAND - The Basement Tapes (Mono - 180gm vinyl)  LP
DYLAN, BOB & THE BAND    The Basement Tapes (Mono - 200gm pink, signed by Garth Hudson and hand numbered)  LP
FIELD MUSIC - Drifters  LP
FINN, LIAM  - The Nihilist Demos   10"
FUJIYA & MIYAGI - Daggers /Little Stabs At   12"
GO! TEAM, THE - Ye Ye Yamaha / Til We Do It Together  7"
GREENE, JACKIE - Light Up Your Window / Silver Lining              7"
HITCHCOCK, ROBYN + EMMA SWIFT - Follow Your Money / Motion Pictures  7"
IVY – Guestroom  LP
KALEIDOSCOPE - Unreleased Mixes  7"
KIDDER, JIB - In Between  7"
LINDSAY, ARTO - Encylcopedia of Arto  LP           
LITTLE BOOTS - Business Pleasure              12"
LOVE TRIO featuring U-ROY            - Love Trio featuring U-Roy              LP
MACHINEDRUM - Vapor City Remixes  12"
MOHRS, THE - The Mohrs   7"
MOSES, BOB - All In All  LPx2
MOSES, BOB - All In All  CD
OF MONTREAL - Snare Lustrous Doomings (yellow & orange vinyl, LPx2
ONYEABOR, WILLIAM - Atomic Bomb   12"
PELE - Elephant (clear vinyl, ltd to 1000)  LP
PLEIADES - Pleiades   LP
PRINE, JOHN - Sep-78  LP
PULLMAN - Turnstyles & Junkpiles              LP
PULLMAN – Viewfinder  2xLP
SLOAN  - Alternates  12" EP
THEORY OF A DEADMAN - Theory of a Deadman Limited Edition Vinyl Boxset  LPx5
THORBURN, NICK - Original Music From Serial  LP
TOBIN, AMON - Dark Jovian EP [etched vinyl in bespoke rubber wheel]  2x12''
TOKUMARU, SHUGO Night Piece (red vinyl, ltd to 1000)   LP
TOKUMARU, SHUGO L.S.T (white marble vinyl, ltd to 1000)  LP           
TOUGH AGE - Plays Cub's Hot Dog Day [clear red vinyl]  7"
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Burger 101  CSx4
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Polyvinyl 4-Track Single Series, Vol.1  LP
VARIOUS ARTISTS - Down Beat Special - Studio One 7" Box Set  7"x5
VENETIAN SNARES - Winter In The Belly Of A Snake  LPx2
VENETIAN SNARES - Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding  LPx2
VENETIAN SNARES - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született   LPx2
VENETIAN SNARES &  SPEEDRANCH - Making Orange Things  LPx2
WILKINSON & TC - Hit The Floor  12"
XIU XIU - Fabulous Muscles (blue vinyl, ltd to 1500)  LP

All U Writers/Gonna Guetta  -   12"
(International) Noise Conspiracy  - Live At Oslo Jazz Festival (Red Vinyl+2 Bonus tracks)  LP
24 Gone  - The Spin  LP
999 - Biggest Prize in Sport/Biggest Tour in Sport   
A Pregnant Light - St. Emaciation (Ltd/Dlx/Color vinyl ) 7"
Adams, Ryan - Come Pick Me Up/When The Rope Gets Tight  7”
Against Me - Osama Bin Laden As The Crucified Christ (colored vinyl)   7"
Angelic Upstarts - Last Tango In Moscow (2LP/transparent red)  LP
Animals - Animals No.2 (45RPM)  10"
Animals - We're Gonna Howl Tonight  LP
Art (a.k.a. Spooky Tooth) - What's That Sound/Rome Take Away Three   7"
Autumn Defense - s/t (2LP/gatefold/remastered)   
BadbadNotGood & Ghostface Killah - Sour Soul (instrumentals)  LP
Bardo Pond - Is There A Heaven  12"EP
Belle Adair - Polaroid Kid  7"
Better Than a Thousand - Just One (Ltd/Red vinyl/Download)   
Bis - We Love Bis (2LP/red vinyl)  
Black Mare/Lycia - split   7
Black Star (Mos Def/Talib Kweli) - Fix Up/You Already Knew (shaped die cut)  7"
Black Tambourines - No Action/A Lot Of Friends  7"
Blancmange - I Want More (remix)  12"EP
Bonnie, Prince Billy & Broeder Dieleman - Gloria/Drie Vragen   7"
Boss Kong - The Humans Soundtrack Vol.2 (orange/gold vinyl)  7
Brand New - Deja Entendu (2LP)  
Briefs - Odd Numbers   
Brown, Barry             - The Thompson Sound (7x7" box)  7"
Burgess, Mark  - View From A Hill   Books
Buzzcocks - The Way/Generation Suicide  7"
Calder, Alex - Mold Boy (Ltd)   LP
Camera Shy  - Crystal Clear   7
Carter, Shayne & Jefferies, Peter - Randolph's Going Home (Ltd)  7"
Case, Neko  - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood (LP/slipmat)  
Chelsea - Right to Work - The Singles (2LP/solid white  LP
Cinerama - Torino (2LP  LP            
Clinton, George - Chocolate City : London/P-Funk Live (180g 2LP+2CD+DVD) LP
Close Lobsters - Firestation Towers (3LP) 1986-1989  LP
Coachwhips - Bangers Vs. Fuckers  CD
Coachwhips - Bangers Vs. Fuckers   LP
Cobra Skulls - Live at the BBC   7"
Creative Adult - Ring Around the Room   7"
Dag Nasty - Minority Of One (Ltd/Green vinyl/Download  LP
Dandy Warhols  - Dandy Rule OK LP (colored vinyl)   
Dark Angel - Ltd Edition Vinyl Set (3LP/mixed colors)  LP
Dead Milkmen - Beelzebubba   
Death By Stereo - If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die (Ltd/Color)  LP
Deep Purple  - Live with Orchestra - Montreux 2011 (3LP/transparent purple)  LP
Demon - Ltd Edition Vinyl Set (3LP/mixed colors)  
Dettinger - Intershop (LP+CD) 
Disorder - Total Disorder (2LP/clear vinyl)  LP
DJ Vadim - Black is the Night b/w Lyrical Soldier  7"
Dott And Night School - Carousel EP  LP
Electric Century - Electric Century  10"
Elias, Daniel + Exotic Dangers - Daniel Elias + Exotic Dangers  7"
ESG - Moody EP  12"EP
Every Time I Die - Salem  7"
Everymen - Spaceship Opening: Eric's Trip tribute  7"
Fanfare Ciocarlia - G-Flux Vs Fanfare Ciocarlia  7"
Fields of Nephilim - Fallen (transparent red with black speckles)  LP
Filthy Thieving Bastards - Our Fathers Sent Us (orange vinyl)   LP
Fool's Gold - Flying Lessons   
Front Bottoms/GDP - split   7"
Futurebirds/T. Hardy Morris - Painted Tears + Too Little, Too Late  7"
Gallagher - Best Of Gallagher (picture disc)  
Gameface - Every Last Time (Ltd/Gold-Clear vinyl/Download)  LP
Giant Sand - Beyond the Valley Of Rain (2LP)  
Gobi, Leila - Leila (180g/download)  LP
Grotesque - In The Embrace of Evil (2LP/transparent red)  LP
Guided By Voices  - Do The Collapse (orange vinyl)  LP
Guided By Voices - Isolation Drills (blue vinyl)  LP
Half Japanese             - Volume 3: 1990-95 (3LP)  LP
Happy Mondays - Live Brixton Academy 2012 (2LP/transparent orange)  LP
Harper, Nick - Wilderness Years Vol.1 (180g/remastered/orange vinyl)  LP
Hawklords - 25 Years On (2LP/transparent purple)  LP
Hawkwind - Quark Strangeness and Charm (2LP/clear vinyl)  LP
Hawkwind - Live Seventy Nine (2LP/transparent yellow)  LP
Heads  - Nobody Knows (2LP)  LP
Heldon - Live In Paris 1975 (Ltd/Mixed color)  LP
Heldon - Live In Paris 1976 (45RPM/Ltd/Mixed color)  LP
Hersh, Kristen - Sundrops/the Cuckoo  7"
Hopkins, Jon - I Remember (white vinyl/download)  10"
Hutch & Kathy - Hutch And   
Icebird (RJD2/Arron Livingston) - The Abandoned Lullaby (2LP)  LP
Icons Of Filth - The Mortarhate Projects (2LP/solid white)  
Ides Of Gemini - Carthage  7"
Immortal Technique             - Revolutionary Vol. 1 (2LP)   LP
Inca Babies - Panthers  7"
Indio Bravo - Breakdown/Crawl Back  7"
Infa Riot - The Best of (2LP/transparent yellow)  LP
Insurgence DC  - Poison Profits/Dishonor  7"
J Dilla - Love feat. Pharoahe Monch  7"
James, Brian - The Guitar That Dripped Blood (red vinyl) LP
Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick - Live in Iceland (3LP/solid white)  LP
Jones, Sharon & the Dap-Kings - Little Boys With Shiny Toys  7"
Karizma - Beats & Bobs   10"
Keen, Robert Earl - Gringo Honeymoon  LP
Khruangbin - History of Flight EP (white vinyl/hand-numbered)  10"
Kiasmos - Looped EP  12"EP
Killing Joke - Live at Hammersmith Apollo 16.10.10 Pt 1 (2LP/solid white)  LP
Killing Joke  - Live at the Hammersmith Apollo 16.10.10 Pt 2 (2LP/140g/purple LP
Kinane, Kyle - I Liked His Old Stuff Better               LP
Kind Of Like Spitting  - Nothing Makes Sense Without It (2LP)  LP
KMD - Black Bastards Deluxe Picture Book (2CD + 7" picture disc)  
Kozelek, Mark - What's Next To the Moon (2001 re-issue)  LP
Leatherface - Razor Blades And Aspirin (3LP/3CD)  
Leave The Planet - Sarah Where Are You   7"
Lemonheads - Bored On the 4th July EP (white vinyl)  12"EP
Len Price 3 - Walking On Your Head  7"
Loveless, Lydia & Cory Branan - I Would Die 4 U/Under The Cherry Moon  7"
Lovely Eggs - This Is Our Nowhere  LP
Mad Parade - Underground (hand-numbered)  7"
Mae - Destination: B-Sides   LP
Major Accident - Clockwork Heros - Best of (2LP/solid white)  LP
Makthaverskan - Witness  7"
Master Musicians Of Joujouka - Into The Ahl Srif  LP
Mavericks - Mono  LP
May, Brian - Patrick (1979 Soundtrack) (Multi-colour-splatter-vinyl)  LP
May, Brian - Thirst (Soundtrack) (Multi-colour-splatter-vinyl 
McDowall, Rose - Don't Fear The Reaper  12"
Membranes - Do The Supernova    7"
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Question The Answers  LP
Milky Wimpshake  Encore Un Effort (yellow vinyl)  LP
Mission Of Burma - Signals, Calls And Academy Marches (LP&7  LP
Monk, Thelonious - London Collection Volume   LP
Montecristos - Love Missile F1-11   7"
Moody Blues - The Magnificent Moodies  LP
Morricone, Ennio - Spasmo (the Mouth edition/coloured vinyl)  LP
Morricone, Ennio - Spasmo (the Hand edition/coloured vinyl)   LP
Morris, Sarah Jane - I Shall Be Released (red vinyl)   7"
Mungo's HI-FI - Belly Ska #1   7"
Mungo's HI-FI - Belly Ska #2   7"
Muro, Don - As Long As I've Got You (Ltd ) 7"
Nelson, Willie - Teatro (2LP/Gold Vinyl/Gatefold/Dlx)  LP
No. 2 - No Memory (180g/deluxe  LP
Our Daughters Wedding - Lawnchairs (Shaped Clear-Pic-Disc/download)  7"
Pagans - Pirate's Cove 9/24/79   LP
Parks, Tess & Anton Newcombe - Cocaine Cat   10"
Pearlfishers - The Strange Underworld of the Tall Poppies  
Pere Ubu - Elitism For the People (2LP/2x12"/box)  LP
Phillips, Anthony - The Geese & the Ghost   
Phish - New Year's Eve 1995 (6LP) Madison Square Garden   LP
Phoenix Foundation/Eyelids - A Can Of Moles  7"
Pianos Become The Teeth - Close  7"
Pity Sex - Euclid   7"            
Pizza Underground - PU Demo (feat Macaulay Culkin)  7"
Poison Idea - Just to Get Away b/w Kick Out The Jams (Ltd/Picdisc)  7"
Polaris - Music From The Adventures Of Pete And Pete   LP
Pop Group - Versions Galore EP (180g/white vinyl/download incl
Pop, Iggy - Shot Myself Up (LP+7")   LP
Power Glove - EP1 (red vinyl)  12"EP
Pre New - Speed Queen  7"
Psychedelic Furs - Mirror Moves (180g/remastered/purple vinyl)  LP
Public Image Limited - Live at Isle of Wight Festival  (2LP/transparent blue)  LP
Public Image Limited - Alife 2009 Part 1 (2LP/solid white)   
Public Image Limited Alife 2009 Part 2 (2LP/transparent red)             LP
Publicist UK - Original Demo Recordings   7"
Pujol & Meth Dad - Relive At Queen Ave   5"
Pulp - Little Girls With Blue Eyes  12"
Pulp - Dogs Are Everywhere   12"EP
Pulp - They Suffocate At Night  12"EP
Pulp - Freaks (2LP/red vinyl)  LP
Pulp - It (white vinyl)   LP
Pulp - Separations (green vinyl)   LP
Qui/Hepa/Titus - split  7"
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - You Can't Judge A Book  7"
Rhodes, Emitt/Chris Price - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Please Read Me  7"
Robinson, Rich - I Remember  7"
Rockabye Baby - Lullabye Renditions Of Grateful Dead  LP
Round, Carina - Tigermixes (2LP)  
RPM Turntable Baseball - Two Games, One Record  7"
Saada Bonaire - Covers (Ltd)  12"EP
Seeger, Pete - Ltd Edition Vinyl Set (5LP)  LP
Self - Monogamy/Could You Love Me Now?  7"
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - A Little Something From The Road V.1  CD
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - A Little Something From The Road V.1  
Shockwave -This World Is Ours: Complete Recordings (2LP+Flexi/gatefold) LP
Siday, Eric - Sound Of Now (Ltd)  LP
Sigmatropic - Every Soul Is A Boat   12"EP
Slang - Bellwether Project (red vinyl)  
Sleaford Mods - Tiswas (picture disc)  12"EP
Smile Down Upon Us - Smile Down Upon Us   LP
soundtrack - Rocky Horror Picture Show: Time Warp   10"
soundtrack - 30 Days Of Night (2LP) Brian Reitzell score  LP
soundtrack - Shogun Assassin (180g/Blood-Red vinyl/poster)   
soundtrack - Star Wars Rebels Theme (Kevin Kiner) pic disc   7"
soundtrack - Sons Of Anarchy (2LP) Volumes 2 & 3   LP
Spaceape (with Kode 9 & the Bug)  - Ghost Town/At War With Time   7"
Stack Waddy - Bugger Off Two (Strawberry studio out-takes)   LP
Stephen, Val - Abstractum: Electrogenic   LP
STRFKR - Astronaut / Little Lover    7"
Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight-Best Of (2LP)  LP
Sun Ra - Planets of Life And Death             LP
Sun Ra - Calling Planet Earth (coloured vinyl)   LP
Swans             - 12"EP (1982 re-issue)  12"EP
Tamikrest - Taksera (180g/gatefold/download  LP
Test Dept - Tested Product   12"EP           
Tyler, William - Deseret Canyon (2LP - re-issue)  LP
U.K. Subs - Huntington Beach (2LP/transparent green) LP
U.K. Subs - Universal (2LP/transparent yellow)  LP
U.K. Subs - Japan Today (transparent red vinyl)  LP
U.K. Subs - Mad Cow Fever (transparent purple vinyl)  LP
U.K. Subs - Normal Service Resumed (2LP/transparent blue & purple)  LP
Unity - You Are One (Ltd/Color vinyl)  7"
V. Rev. Yeznig Zegchanian - Forty Martyrs (w/download)   
V/A - Truth & Soul 2015 Forecast   10"
V/A - Furious Hoops Vol. 01  LP
V/A - First Rock & Roll Record (4LP/3CD/7" box)  
V/A - Shirley Inspired (3LP)  LP
V/A - Next Life (3LP/silver vinyl)  LP
V/A - Lows In the Mid Sixties Volume 54: Kosmic City part 2  LP
V/A - Ork Complete Singles (16x7" box)  7"
V/A - Sun Records Vol. 2 - curated by RSD   LP
V/A - Soho Scene '62 - Jazz Goes Mod   LP
V/A - Texas Soul '64   LP
V/A - The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Salsa (LP + download) LP
V/A - The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Cambodia (LP + download)  LP
V/A - The Rough Guide To African Rare Groove Vol.1 (LP + download)             
V/A - The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove Vol.2 (LP + download)   LP
V/A - The Rough Guide To Bollywood Disco (LP + download)  
V/A - The Rough Guide To Psychedelic India (LP + download)  LP
V/A - Guitar Safari   LP
V/A - Party After Hours (Ltd/Dark Red Vinyl)  10"
V/A - Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol.3 (180g/color vinyl)  LP
V/A - Thai Pop Spectacular (2LP)  LP
Van Vliet, Don And the Magic Band            - Rough, Raw and Amazing (2LP/yellow) LP
Varukers - Another Religion Another War - The Riot City Years (2LP/red vinyl  
Violent Femmes - Happy New Year (champagne colored vinyl)  12"EP
Votolato, Rocky - The Light And The Sound EP  10"        
Watt, Mike - Shit On Me (with Secondmen & EV Kain)  7"
Wedding Present - Take Fountain (2LP)  LP
Wedding Present - Hit Parade (2LP/180g/remastered/black & white vinyl)  LP
Weekend Nachos - WN  7"
West Bridge Band - Kibera Esbera (kenya)  LP
Westlake, David - Play Dusty For Me (Ltd)  
White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (2LP) 3D lenticular gatefold  LP
Winter, Johnny - Live Bootleg Series Vol. 4 (clear vinyl) LP
Witchfinder General - Friends Of Hell (yellow vinyl)  
Womack, Lee Ann - Trouble In Mind  12"
Wood, Brenton - Oogum Boogum   LP