Friday, July 27, 2018

The 1 Hundred ::Tape - Milieu Plus

Just as there are certain records that continually sell year after year, there are some titles that are continually either just under the radar of popularity, or maybe just need a bit of a highlight to remind you they are still out there waiting for new ears. As an experiment we are going to build a list of one hundred titles, all currently in stock, that we think you should lend an ear to.

 Tape - Milieu Plus (Hapna, 2008 /// Used CD

Swedish trio, brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling plus Tomas Hallonsten create a music that is as difficult to categorize as it is easy to enjoy. Taking acoustic folk instrumentation and applying a gentle free form jazz approach along with some electronic connective tissue, the results are a pastoral and multiply detailed music that sound superficially easy and familiar but hides volumes of information beneath.

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