Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 27: Box Mania

There are three notable deluxe releases making their way to stores on Tuesday, September 27th.  Here are the overviews of all the various versions and formats.  Some of these are limited so if you're interested in getting them please let us know either by dropping by the store or emailing us at the addresses in the sidebar.  Deposits may be required for some of the bigger ticket items.

(1) The Smiths

Versions: (prices recently revised)
(1)  8 CDs remastered in vinyl replica sleeves  $76.98
(2)  8 LPs (5 singles, 3 doubles, 180g vinyl)  $297.98
(3)  Deluxe version:  11 vinyl, 8 CD, 25 7" singles, DVD + various art work $664.98

Release Date:  September 27, 2011

(2)  Dark Side of the Moon

(1)  Discovery Version:  2011 CD remaster  $18.98
(2)  Experience Version:  2011 CD remaster, Bonus CD 1974 Live @Wembley  $27.98
(3)  Vinyl Version: 2011 Single LP remaster  $29.98
(4)  Immersion Edition: 2CDs (as "Experience Version"), 1 DVD Audio (5.1 mix, Quadrophonic mix, PCM stereo mix), 1 DVD Audio/Video (Live Brighton 1972 [two non-Dark Side tracks], 2003 Dark Side of the Moon documentary, 3 Concert Screen Films [60 min total], all both stereo and 5.1 mixes) 1 Blu-Ray A/V (more or less the same content as DVD2 with different resolutions) 3rd CD of studio outtakes and different cuts + a variety of artwork and ephemera  $147.98

Release Date:  September 27, 2011

(3)  Nevermind

(1)  Basic 2011 Remaster CD  $11.98
(2)  Deluxe CD Version:  2CD including B-sides,Smart Studios demo sessions, BBC sessions and boombox rehearsals  $28.98
(3)  Deluxe Vinyl Version:  4LP including same tracks as Deluxe CD version  $74.98
(4)  Super Deluxe Version:  4CD + 1DVD including Deluxe version + new album mix by Butch Vig. BBC Live Recordings, DVD of 1991 Seattle live performance, 96 page bound book.  $185.98

Release Date:  September 27, 2011