Saturday, June 27, 2020

New Album Watch :: Thurston Moore - By the Fire

Thurston Moore will be 62 years old this year. Your dad is probably younger than that. But your dad probably isn't putting out an album called By the Fire this September with help on drums from his former bandmate Steve Shelley, and with bass and backing vocal by My Bloody Valentine's Debbie Googe. And the lead single from your dad's new album probably isn't called "HASHISH." So there are some differences.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Movies Movies... Movies!!

Anyone who's shopped and/or talked with us here at Backstreet knows we love movies. And they also know that our floor space is tremendously limited. So even though we have a small but mighty selection of used DVDs and Blu-rays we don't tend to invest in non-music oriented video. That said we've been approached by a movie and TV media distributor in Canada that wants to be our wholesaler for small batch orders. Below is a small sample of the types of titles they offer (Criterion, Arrow, Kino Lorber, plus some of the majors). We would be happy to do occasional orders to fill people's wantlists and go from there. Message us at backstreetrecords@gmail or on FB or IG and we will talk celluloid.


BACURAU (Blu-ray // $34.98 ///  DVD // $22.98)

BLOOD QUANTUM (Blu-ray // $32.98 /// DVD $28.98)

BRUCE LEE: HIS GREATEST HITS (Blu-ray //  $148.98)

THE CAMERAMAN (Blu-ray // $48.98 /// DVD // $36.98))

COME AND SEE (Blu-ray // $48.98 /// DVD // $36,99)

CORPUS CHRISTI  (Blu-ray // $37.98 /// DVD // $26.98)

CULT OF CHUCKY (Blu-ray + DVD Combo // $17.98)

DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE (Blu-ray //$34.98 /// DVD // $22.98)

DJANGO + TEXAS ADIOS (Blu-ray // $52.98)

FRANKENSTEIN and the MONSTER from HELL (Blu-ray // $27.98)

FRIDAY THE 13th 40th anniversary STEELBOOK (Blu-ray // $19.98)

GHOST SHIP Collector's Edition (Blu-ray // $29.98)