Tuesday, January 20, 2015

VotM January: SiskiyouNervous

Welcome to the launch for Vinyl of the Month! We are proud to present January’s selection:

Siskiyou Nervous

Siskiyou is a Vancouver, BC band formed in 2010 by two members (one current, one ex-) of Great Lake Swimmers: Colin Huebert and Erik Arnesen.  Nervous is their third and most expansive album, featuring guest appearances by Colin Stetson, Owen Pallet, Ryan Driver and many others.

Exclaim! had this to say about the album:

"A lush, stunning baroque rock album... Whereas Siskiyou's first two albums were more folk-inclined, Nervous takes a different approach, with hushed, haunted art rock as a sturdy — but eerie — sonic base upon which the orchestral elements stand fully supported."

Fans of Canadiana’s darker arts, everything from 70s Neil Young to current groups like Black Mountain and Timber Timbre, are sure to find something to love about Nervous.

For more information you can head over to the Constellation Records website which also features lead track “Deserter” to have a listen.

If you are a member of the VotM Club we’d love to hear your feedback on the album, either here on the blog page or on Facebook.


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Vinyl of the Month Club


New to the world of vinyl and looking to build your collection with cool, new titles every month?

Collecting for a while but feel like you need to branch out from your well work groove?

Why not subscribe to Backstreet Fredericton's new VINYL OF THE MONTH CLUB?

Here's how it works:

For $25 you'll receive the "Record of the Month" on the third week of each month.  This record will be chosen wisely out of all that month's new releases or reissues as one that should give you hours of great listening pleasure.  Nothing too strange and nothing too mainstream.

Subscribers will also get 10% off all their in-store purchases at Backstreet for that month.

You'll be able to pick up your record at Backstreet, but if you live outside of the Fredericton area we will set up an affordable delivery right to your door.

You can pay your subscription fee the first week of the month and renew your subscription when you pick your "Record of the Month." You can cancel at any time, or you can subscribe for 6 months or a year for even better rates.

One month: $25
Three months : $72.75 (24.25/ month -- 3% off)
Six months: $142.50 ($23.75/month -- 5% off)
One year: $270 ($22.50/month -- 10% off)

Drop into the store to subscribe now... or you can email us at backstreetrecords@gmail.com or call at (506) 458-8832 for more details.