Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The 1 Hundred ::Gold Sparkle Band - Fugues and Flowers

Just as there are certain records that continually sell year after year, there are some titles that are continually either just under the radar of popularity, or maybe just need a bit of a highlight to remind you they are still out there waiting for new ears. As an experiment we are going to build a list of one hundred titles, all currently in stock, that we think you should lend an ear to.

 Gold Sparkle Band - Fugues & Flowers (Squealer, 2002) // Used CD

Brooklyn, NYC based quartet/quintet that had a decade long run from early 90s to early 00s. They play a heady mix of free and post-bop jazz that combines firey horn interplay and a propulsive rhythm section that draws upon 70s Miles Davis minimalist beats. It's great driving jazz.

Couldn't find a clip online from this album, but the one below is a fine representation of the band and what you can expect here.

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