Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Year in Music

Around mid-summer each year, July, August, I have two competing notions... one is start compiling my favourite albums from the first half of the year... the other is to promise myself this year I'll not bother with compiling a best of list for the year.  Shortly after this notion enters my head I usually pop another Corona, cut a lime, put on a Mountain Goats album and forget about both notions.

Then around late November as the top ten, top twenty, to one hundred lists start to clutter up the interwebiverse I can't help myself.  The two notions come back, but with an added panic where I try to scour, listen to and assimilate not only my favourite albums but as many of the other high scoring / well reviewed albums of the year that I hadn't previously gotten around to yet.

So what you have coming your way is an imperfect top 50 list made up of albums that stayed in rotation all year long (those will likely be nearest the top of the list), and ones that I developed crushes on that have yet to wear off.  Ask me again mid-January what I think about my #32 or my #47 and my answer may be different.

But for now, enjoy!

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