Saturday, December 15, 2012

10. Advance Base - A Shut-In's Prayer (Caldo Verde)

When Owen Ashworth announced in December of 2010 that Advance Base would indeed be the moniker to rise from the ashes of his much beloved Casiotone for the Painfully Alone project, it seemed unclear what the distinction really was. Ashworth’s work as Casiotone always dealt in similar lo-fi synth and drums tone, with his instrumental palette expanding throughout the years of the project’s existence. The debut piece he worked on under this new name was some production work on a Serengeti 7” that came out on Asthmatic Kitty and this, as well as the 6 tracks he produced on Serengeti’s debut solo effort for Anticon seemed to bear the characteristic marks of Casiotone tracks. Recording fidelity was at a minimum, everything still seemed to be largely synth and drum machine driven, but it was all mostly the same. With the further evidence of recent singles, and certainly this debut LP, Casiotone fans can let out a deep sigh of relief. Ashworth, though working on a new moniker, is still working with the same heartbreakingly beautiful songwriting modes that he mined in his years as CFTPA.

Early reactions to Ashworth’s Advance Base material have pegged it as a higher fidelity version of his earlier sound, and though this is true to some degree, it ignores Vs. Children — his last full length as CFTPA. That album similarly upped the fidelity, drawing on folkier influences and relying on the sort of rollicking piano that Ashworth eschewed earlier in his career. It’s for this reason that claims of upped fidelity on A Shut-In’s Prayer are a bit off base. If anything, it seems to represent a return to the sound of Etiquette his 2009 release. It’s a little lo-fi, but nuanced enough that you can tell he put a fair amount of consideration into the production decisions.

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