Wednesday, December 12, 2012

46. Hallelujah the Hills – No One Knows What Happens Next (Discrete Pageantry)

Bostonians Hallelujah The Hills are back for album number three and in doing so, they join the long list of bands going the Kickstarter route for funding an album. This is another way of saying that they've garnered enough of a following during the past five years to ensure that being dropped from their label didn't spell the end of the band. And that's a good thing. No One Knows What Happens Next doesn't sound like an uncertain band at all. Hallelujah The Hills are more confident than ever and, for better or for worse, this is the most polished they've ever sounded, placing them somewhere between late period Pavement and Grandaddy. But, thankfully, all their other trademarks are still present ― plenty of trumpet interjections and shouted, sing-along choruses, aptly illustrated by opener "Get Me In A Room." There is more introspection on display than usual, especially in the lyrics, but Hallelujah The Hills have simply grown into the band they always threatened to become. This is a happy ending for all involved.

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