Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is what happens every Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

Phone:  Do you have tickets for the show tonight at the Charlotte St. Art Centre?
Me:  As of this moment we do.  But the organizers sometimes pick up the tickets early on the day of the show, and the show's tonight.

Phone:  Oh I know, but I don't have a ticket.  Can I purchase a ticket?
Me:  Well... if you can get here before the organizers pick up the tickets, then of course.

Phone:  Oh... yes, I see... and you still have tickets?
Me:  ...yes.

Phone:  Oh, good.  So if I pay for the ticket by Mastercard my partner could...
Me:  I'm afraid we can only take cash for tickets.  We have to give the organizers the cash FOR the tickets when they pick them up... the day of the show.

Phone:  Oh... yes... I see... well, then you're saying I would have to come in there and pick up the tickets?
Me: ...yes.

Phone:  And could I pay for them by debit, or does it have to be cash?
Me:... cash, yes.

Phone:  And I would have to get there before the organizers pick up the tickets?
Me: ...yes.

Phone:  But you do have tickets left?
Me: of this minute... yes....

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meg. said...

that's kind of like my life, but in a very different context...
imagine it!