Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Backstreet Recommends: Sunset / Sunrise

While She & Him are perennial front runners in the roots cute couple sweepstakes I will take this moment to sing the praises of not-so-dark horses The Dutchess and the Duke.  Jesse Loritz and Kimberly Morrison come from a little Pacific, NW town called Seattle and Sunset / Sunrise is their second release for the Hardly Art label, little sister to big brother Sub Pop.  Gritty but not grizzled, sweet but not saccharine the duo manage to find breathable oxygen in a indie/folk/country genre that's too often all smoke and stale air.  It's that pocket right between Black Mountain and The Sadies... you can stand in the prairies and see the peaks off in the distance.  Take a second.  Look around.  Listen.

The Dutchess & The Duke - Sunset/Sunrise is available at Backstreet in Fredericton on vinyl for $18.98 and CD for $17.98... +hst, of course.

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