Friday, May 21, 2010

Backstreet Recommends: The Blue Depths

Likened to everyone from Neil Young to OMD to the Beach Boys, Isaac Edwards and Michael Tapscott are Odawas.  When critics cast their nets this wide to draw back comparisons you know they must be onto something more than a little special.  Their third album, and first as a duo with their producer/engineer Brad Cash filling in on drums when called for, The Blue Depths is a subtle wash of synthesizers, strings and free floating psychedelia well described by the cover art.  It's very much a "production" record, taking advantage of careful placement of instruments and vocal enhancements to craft a mood that oscillates between chilled happiness and narcotized melancholy.  Not a party album, it still works well both in full outdoors sunlight or on rainy days in the kitchen.

Odawas - The Blue Depths is available at Backstreet in Fredericton on vinyl for $19.98

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