Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The 1 Hundred

Just as there are certain records that continually sell year after year, there are some titles that are continually either just under the radar of popularity, or maybe just need a bit of a highlight to remind you they are still out there waiting for new ears. As an experiment we are going to build a list of one hundred titles, all currently in stock, that we think you should lend an ear to.

Of course this list will have to be fluid and ever changing, so we'll try to keep updating it, adding new titles as the old ones find new homes... let's see how it works? OK?

Each of the titles below will have a link to page with a review and a sample song, so have yourself a click fest and see what you can find.


American Music Club - Mercury // New Vinyl
Gastr Del Sol - Upgrade & Afterlife // Used CD
Gold Sparkle Band - Fugues & Flowers // Used CD
Helado Negro - Awe Owe // Used CD
Victor Herrero - Astrolabio // New Vinyl
Jeremy Jay - Dream Diary // Used Vinyl
Mikrowelle - Twang Boom Tschak ...Peng // Used CD
Mount Eerie - Black Wooden // New CD
Mountain Movers - S/T // New Vinyl
Mountains - Mountains Mountains Mountains // New Vinyl
Painkiller - Collected Works // Used CD (4 disc set)
Zak Riles - S/T // Used CD

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Anonymous said...

Hello Gordie, looking for all good things redux jerry gatcia syudio sessions. Can’t get enough of his redition of Johanna by Dylan. Let me know….rob