Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sectionals: Electronic & Experimental #2: F.S. Blumm

In Sectionals we spotlight music we find interesting that casual browsers might overlook or be unfamiliar with. Consider these our recommendations to make your life more diversely musical. 

F. S. Blumm - Summer Kling (Morr Music, 2006)

Review via Boomkat:
Frank Schültge is probably better known as electronic/acoustic tinkerer F.S. Blumm - he has now released a bulging catalogue of albums on a whole host of interesting labels so you'd think he'd be struggling for ideas by now wouldn't you? Well think again, 'Summer Kling' is Schültge's most innovative and ambitious record to date, taking in a whole host of collaborative talent and distilling their influence into a bashful collision of jazz and Chicago post-rock. Many of the electronic elements present on earlier records have been pushed into the sidelines or away entirely, leaving structures closer to 'TNT'-era Tortoise than we've ever heard from the man in the past. This is however, as the title may reveal, a record about the wonders of summer, and although this year's sunny period ended about 2 months ago for us (I'm looking out on grey skies and torrential rain...) it's nice to hear some music that simply feels like you're lying back on soft grass gazing at the clouds as they pass slowly by. Simplicity and innocence has always been the key to Schültge's music and although his sound has widened in scope, none of the naivety has been lost in the process. A rich emotional heart beats through the sixteen quietly explosive tracks, driving them on through various moods and through various genres - I can hear faint nods toward Americana, indie, classical and dub in amongst the usual jazz and post rock references and combined with the sheer amount of musical instruments used makes 'Summer Kling' a rewarding and diverse experience. It hardly surprised me when I read that Schültge's main stream of influence came from Sonic Youth, The Boredoms and Gastr Del Sol, in fact the diverse and childlike pop stylings of Gastr Del Sol's Jim O'Rourke spring immediately to mind as a point of reference, he is one of those rare musicians like Frank Schültge who can make unashamedly pop-leaning music sound addictive while at the same time being innovative. One of Morr Music's finest and most unusual releases for some time now, 'Summer Kling' will serve as a timely reminder that it might be worthwhile calling in sick and buying that cheap flight to the Algarve. It's Pimms o'clock!

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