Wednesday, June 11, 2014

From the Racks #6: Fucked Up

Fucked Up - David's Town, 11 Original Hits from Byrdesdale Spa, UK! (Matador, 2011)  

 info via Audiosoft:
In a post on their Looking For Gold blog, the band announces plans for the release of the fake comp David's Town, which collects the work of 11 fake bands from the fake town of Byrdesdale Spa: "We decided instead of recording any new music, why don't we just release this compilation album from 1977 we'd been sitting on since from before we were all born? We found like 750 copies of this great comp so we're gonna just use that." That seems to imply that David's Town will be limited to 750 copies, so show up at your local independent record store bright and early.

Fucked Up - Do You Feed? (Official Video) from Lance Ludwig on Vimeo.

Various auction sites list this record for a wide variety of prices between $12-40... we have a Very Good (our top rating) vinyl copy currently priced at $16.99 in the racks. 

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