Thursday, February 28, 2013

This week in overpriced vinyl addendum: MBV

From the moment it popped up on the internet we've had people asking when/ if /how much the new My Bloody Valentine record will be available.  Well it appears now the answer to when is Tuesday March 12th.  The vinyl has been available as a mail order from the band's official site for $33.99 + shipping from the UK.

The details on the distributed edition:  1LP (180g) in a gatefold sleeve + 1CD... at our regular markup would retail for $44.98.  But because that's insane, and we're poor like you we will be offering the first batch of pre-orders of the album to you for $34.98 (that's a very slight markup over our cost).

What you must do to qualify for this deal: inform us of your desire for the album in the form of a pre-order sometime between now and next Monday (March 4th).  You can do so by coming into the store (preferred), emailing us at, or calling us at (506) 458-8832.  If it's your first time special ordering from us we'll require a $10 deposit to confirm your spot.  And these sales won't be covered by store credit, either new or pre-existing.

As always we will be subject to the whims of shipping, fill and other things out of our control, so there is always the possibility we won't receive our full order on the 12th depending on demand.  But if you get your order in before March 4th we will honor the $34.98 sales price until the order is filled.

For people ordering after March 4th the full $44.98 sales price will be in effect.

Thanks and let us know.

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