Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shivering Songs / Don't Dial Drunk (or Dumb)

You likely already know this, but we are selling tickets to this weekend's Shivering Songs Festival
Full Passes are $40
Olympic Symphonium (w/Isaac & Blewett + Catherine MacLennan) $30
Songwriter Circle $12.00

These prices included all taxes and service charges and are cash only / in-store.  NO HOLDS.

I mention the last little bit thanks to the all-too-familiar but still worth repeating phone conversation we just had:

Caller: Do you guys still uhh... are you selling uhh... tickets for that Shivering Shows thing?
Backstreet: Yes we are still selling those.
Caller: Do you think the show will, like, uhh... sell out?
Backstreet: That's always a good assumption to make.  You should get your tickets early.
Caller: But you still have tickets now?
Backstreet: Yes.
Caller: About how many do you have left?
Backstreet: Do you mean the passes or the individual shows?
Caller: I don't know... the thing with David Myles... and that girl...
Backstreet: The Songwriters Circle?
Caller: I guess so.
Backstreet: Well we have quite a few right now... but I could have a run on them this afternoon and be sold out by the weekend.  I can't predict that.  The sooner you get your tickets the better in any case.
Caller: Can you guys... if I uhh...
Backstreet: I should say that we only take cash for tickets, you have to be in store to get them, we don't do holds.
Caller: Uhh... you don't do holds?  Right... but if I asked you to put two aside and I came in tomorrow...
Backstreet: We... don't do holds.  It's not our money, we are only vendors... that's the policy.
Caller: OK.  Do you guys take debit?
Backstreet: Cash only for tickets.
Caller: Cash only right.. uhh...
Backstreet: OK?
Caller: OK.  Uhhhhh... [this uhhh is still audible as I hang up the phone].

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meg. said...

Oh- to experience a day in the life... *sigh*

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