Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crowd Sourcing: Dan Deacon Style

via Pitchfork

In concert, Dan Deacon has become known for dismantling the barrier between performer and audience, often performing in the crowd rather than on stage, and conducting huge, synchronized dance circles. Now, Deacon further democratizes his shows with an interactive iPhone/Android app, which allows crowds to participate in the performance.

The free app, available at the iTunes App Store and through Google Play, "turns each phone into a source of synchronized light and sound depending on your location within each venue," according to a press release. (Wi-Fi not required.) Check out a preview, below. The app was developed/programmed by Deacon with assistance from Keith Lea, Patrick McMinn, Alan Resnick, and Robert O'Brien.
Deacon's tour starts tonight, in support of his just-released Domino debut, America.

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