Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Record Store Day 2012, part one

It's a month and a half away, but we're already getting questions and inquiries about specific Record Store Day titles and their availability.  This warms our hearts.  We love it when there's evidence that people still love music and not just digital content for their various devices.

As usual there are a lot of listed/promoted titles that, unfortunately, might not have a Canadian release... only U.S. or Europe.  In an effort to both drive excitement and satiate curiosity we'll be providing lists of titles that are offered through our distributors and should be available on the day.

Below is the first comprehensive list, but by no means a final definitive one.  Titles will surely be added weekly until the date arrives.  The titles marked with asterisks (*) are ones we are planning on ordering for the store.  The others are available, but not necessarily on our "to get" list.  If anyone is interested in these please drop us a line at either backstreetrecords@gmail.com (for Fredericton) or gumboot@nb.sympatico.ca (for Saint John) and let us know.

As with past Record Store Days we really can't guarantee special orders as fill quantities from distributors and usually averaged out and though we might order 25 copies of something we might only receive 3.  We will fill/hold requests where at all possible, but your best bet will be an early arrival on the day of the sale.

OK, without further ado... the first list.  Stay tuned for more:

*Arcade Fire - Sprawl II/Ready To Start 12" ($12.98)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  - Howl 2LP ($37.98)
*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Howl LP ($25.98)
*Brown, James - Live At The Apollo 7" ($7.98)
Buckner, Richard  - Willow/Lost  7" ($7.98)
Cleaners From Venus - Blow Away Your Troubles 2LP ($33.98)
Cleaners From Venus - On Any Normal Monday LP ($21.98)
Cleaners From Venus - Midnight Cleaners LP ($21.98)
Cleaners From Venus - The Cleaners From Venus 3CD ($37.98)
*Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies 2LP (28.98)
Doomriders/ Sweet Cobra - Girl U Want/ Gates Of Steel 7" ($8.98)
*Earle, Justin Townes - Nothing's Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now  7" ($8.98)
Fall - Night Of The Humerons  7" ($14.98)
*Genesis - Spot The Pigeon EP (dual speed-blue vinyl) LP ($23.98)
Go Kart Mozart - New World In The Morning 7" ($13.98)
*Isis - The Red Sea (red/black vinyl) LP ($25.98)
*Jacuzzi Boys/King Khan - split 7" ($9.98)
*McLusky - McLusky Do Dallas (150g/white vinyl) LP ($24.98)
Medicine - Shot Forth Self Living (2LP-expanded edition) LP ($36.98)
Medicine - The Buried Life (2LP-expanded edition) LP ($36.98)
Medicine - The Buried Life (2CD-expanded edition) CD ($25.98)
Medicine - Shot Forth Self Living (2CD-expanded edition) CD ($25.98)
Mynah Birds - It's My Time/Go On And Cry 7" ($7.98)
Of Monsters And Men - Into The Woods 10" ($10.98)
*Patton, Charley - Rough Guide to Blues Legends (180g + download) LP ($28.98)
*Pelican/ Playing Enemy - split  7" ($9.98)
Social Distortion - Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes (2LP/CD poster) LP ($51.98)
*soundtrack - Pretty In Pink (with poster) LP ($21.98)
soundtrack - Empire Records (2LP & poster) LP ($27.98)
*soundtrack - Breakfast Club (with poster) LP ($21.98)
Squackett - Sea Of Smiles 7" (13.98)
*St. Vincent - Krokodil b/w Grot (7" red vinyl) 7" ($7.98)
Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation LP ($45.98)
Tangerine Dream - Ultima Thule     7" ($13.98)
*Tinariwen - Tassili (2LP with 4 unrleased re-mixes) LP ($25.98)
*Townshend, Pete - Quadrophenia Demos 2  10" ($19.98)
Ugly Custard - s/t (180 gram) LP ($22.98)
V/A - Rough Guide to New Orleans (180g + download) LP ($28.98) 
V/A - Rough Guide to Psychedelic Africa (180g + download card) LP ($28.98)
V/A - Rough Guide to African Roots Revival (180g + download) LP ($28.98)
Wake - Here Comes Everybody 2LP ($56.98)
*Ward, M. - Primitive Girl (incl. download) 7" ($7.98)

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