Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The cold round truth.

There may be the notion that we record store clerks spend every day knee deep in rare and wonderous vinyl... but here is a peek at what about 75% of the collections people bring in look like:


Anonymous said...

Glad to see my parents finally dropped by with their record collection. Hope you gave them the big bucks they deserved.

Ian Sh.

dept of verbal abominations said...

i remember it all too well.

Chris said...

Cold Eric, very cold....but I understand your frustration.

Anonymous said...

I travel alot with work and I'm always in the following stores Halifax-Taz
Moncton- Spin-it Records
Saint John- Secondspin
Bedford- Select sound

All four of these stores always have great select with lots of new stuff on the shelves,it seems like they have a steady flow of lps being taken into their stores- but your Store In Fredericton is always pretty weak for selection
The cold hard truth-

e. said...

While I'm not sure why a short video post about lame records warrants unrelated criticism I will respond.

Another truth that relates to record stores is "right place at the right time.". That is to say if you come in one day we might have multiple pressings across the history of The Beatles discography. Two weeks later not a Beatles record to be found. People find rare pressings of punk records at thrift shops from time to time, yet the other 99% of visits you'd be lucky to find a Boxcar Willie cassette.

We also (like all stores that depend on folks voluntarily selling "treasures") can be prone to dry spells. Fredericton is the smallest of the centres you mention, Bedford being a satellite of Halifax, and it's record treasure sacrificing population is even smaller... given their tendency to move once they complete school or get a better government posting.

Finally we tend not to price things so obscenely that only the most hoard-happy of collectors will buy them. We like our regulars and like that they listen to records and not just seal them and shelve them or traffic them on eBay.

So I guess the shorter answer is keep looking and better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to look through all those and ton's of Chilliwack, Bryan Adams, Billy Joel...hundreds at The Salvation Army Thrift Store...but I always remember that Mono pressing of Dylan's Freewheelin' Bob Dylan that I found in there...and many gems...the e-bay wolves have ruined "record hunting"...sigh...
Bruce McKiel
New Westminster, BC

Unknown said...

"You don't want to take it? But it's a collector's item..."