Friday, July 26, 2013

The damp can't stop us!!

The weekend is upon us, and the sales are in full swing.  Today and tomorrow everything in stock (except consignment items) is 25% off.  Musical performances start at noon today with five bands lined up: Margo Margo, Shorty Tubbs, Construction and Destruction, The Ray Finkles and Kurtis Eugene.  All ready to rock the rain away in Marilyn Mazerole's art studio down the hall from the store.  And more rock tomorrow... stay tuned for updated news there.

In addition to the sales and music don't forget to stick around tomorrow for our extended birthday bash that will spill over to The Capital for a BBQ courtesy of the Shifty Bits Cult, a rare appearance by Backstreet mastermind/dad Gordon Tufts (who says he may be bringing cake), and DJ sets on a weather appropriate deck... including one by Backstreet Eric... which reminds me:

Backstreet Eric's DJ set will be ten records long, and there is a jar at Backstreet today and tomorrow where you can purchase a $5 ticket to win those very ten records.  What records are they?  Well you'll have to come to the bash to find out, won't you?

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