Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Backstreet's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Hey all!  As has been trumpeted previously we'll be celebrating Backstreet's 25th anniversary in Fredericton with fun stuff all next week, culminating with two days of live music instore on July 26th / 27th.  Here are the details:

(1) We still have six SWAG BAGS that feature all manner of vinyl, CDs, pins, stickers, buttons, magnets, t-shirts and more.  Plus with the purchase of the bag you also get a personalized discount card that gets you 10% purchases at Backstreet, ReNeu, Strange Adventures and tax free clothing and footwear purchases at East Side for the remainder of July.  The card also gets you full access to all of the SHIFTY BITS CIRCUS II events at the Capital Complex from July 25-28... including a slew of live music shows, film presentations, comedy and a pass-holder-only FREE STUFF SUNDAY event at ReNeu.  Click on the Shifty Bits link above to see more details. 

Because we're halfway through July we're lowering the sale price of the swag bags from $40 to $30.  The Shifty Bits pass alone is worth $20, so you can't lose, really.

(2)  Next week, from Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th all our regularly priced CDs and DVDs will be on sale for 25% off.  Friday and Saturday only our regularly priced vinyl will also be 25% off.

(3)  Music will be happening on Friday the 26th from noon to 3pm, and on Saturday the 27th from 1pm-7pm in approximately this fashion:

Friday featured bands/artists:

Margo Margo
Construction Destruction
The Ray Finkles
Kurtis Eugene
Shorty Tubbs
plus TBC.

After 3pm the Shifty Bits Circus will be hosting a bunch of "secret shows" at other downtown locations... each to be revealed scavenger hunt (or Amazing Race, if you prefer) style, by following the action door to door.

Saturday featured bands/artists

Josh Bravener
Mike Trask
Square Dance Kid
Young Satan in Love
Burning Coast
The Waking Night
The Floogs
Adam Mowery
plus TBC
plus plus DJ Sets and more.

Things kick off at Officer's Square on Queen at 1pm with an outdoor show by Josh Bravener and Mike Trask.  Then at 2pm-5pm we'll have music at the store.  Following that at 5pm we'll move over to the Capital Complex deck for BBQ, Games and DJ Sets.  One such DJ Set by your intrepid Backstreet host (Eric Hill) will feature ten (mystery) records that you'll have a chance to buy a raffle ticket for only $5 with a chance to win all ten records RIGHT THEN and RIGHT THERE after the set's completion.

There'll be more details a-coming as they arise.  Check our Facebook page and Twitter for developments.


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