Monday, November 25, 2013

Black Friday at Backstreet

As many of you know this Friday sees a kind of mini-version of the yearly Record Store Day event that we alllllll llllloooooove.  As such there is a selection of exclusive releases that should hit the shelves in time for retail's allegedly busiest day.

There is a downloadable/printable list you can find on Record Store Day (Canada)'s webpage.  We didn't order everything on the list (you'll also notice that not all of them are actually available in Canada in any case)... and like the full blown Record Store Day it's unlikely that we will get a full fill of our order in time for Friday in any case.

THAT SAID.  There still promises to be a nice batch of tasty items for your vinyl-grabbing approval.  We aren't doing holds, so please don't request it.  Titles will be first come first serve.  Store hours will be our usual 10am-5pm.

IN ADDITION we will have a 20% off sale for all our new vinyl in stock, both on Friday and on Saturday.  Why not, right?

So we'll see you then.  Play nice, please.

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