Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Final Vinyl Countdown

So we're a day and a half out from Record Store Day 2013.  Aside from the little batch of items we've already received (click here to view) the bulk of the exclusive treats are still a mystery.  I'm told they are enroute, overnighted from our distro and FedEx has this:  Estimated delivery : Fri 4/19/2013 5:00 pm Fredericton, NB, CA as their tracking information.  Of course if their estimate is off then Record Store Day might be a little less spectacular than previously anticipated.  But lets all keep the faith, shall we?

We've been getting calls and e-mails all week with questions about what's coming in and if things can be held.  Getting to answer with questions with "I dunno" and "NO!" through all this has reawakened the sullen teenager that's been long dormant inside me.  But it's also true.  Because things aren't likely to get here much before closing time tomorrow and I don't have an invoice with any information yet, we just don't know what to expect.  But two things are for sure: there WILL be a bunch of cool things to peruse... and there WILL be great live music starting at noon featuring this line-up:

1. Heat & Lights
2. Mike Bravener
3. Nick Cobham
4. Margo Margo
5. Young Satan in Love
6. Westerberg Suicides
7. Cedric Noel
8. Shorty Tubbs
9. Motherhood

The bands will be playing 20-25 min sets with short turn around times, so everything should go seamlessly from noon 'til 5pm.

In the meantime, as somehow always seems to happen, we've been blessed with a couple of small, cool batches of used vinyl in our Just Arrived bin to whet the appetite... good chunks of discographies by The Replacements, R.E.M. and Patti Smith as well as stray titles from Beirut, My Bloody Valentine, James Blake and more.  So if you fear the line up Saturday morning here's a good way to make Friday fun, yeah?

See you Saturday!!!

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