Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Record of the day: Van Wissem // Jarmusch - The Mystery of Heaven

Along with our first box of restocks for 2013 there were included a little stack of promo CDs to enjoy whilst I sorted, stickered, and filed the new arrivals.  The stand out so far is this cool album of dark and mysterious guitar duets from Dutch artist Jozef Van Wissem and American director Jim Jarmusch.  Anyone who's seen Jarmusch's films (Down By Law, Dead Man, Ghost Dog) will know that music plays a big part, not just as soundtrack, but often as part of the narrative.  This is the second collaboration the two released in 2012, the first being Concerning the Entrance into Eternity, released on Important Records.  Jarmusch plays dirty electric feedback over Van Wissem's cleaner minimalist chords, together forming a blood, dust, and steel apparatus ready to shamble out the back door into the night.  I'm on my second listen right now.

The Mystery of Heaven is out on Sacred Bones records and available on CD and LP.

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