Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Record Store Day: Leonard Cohen

There have been a few minor additions to the Record Store Day release schedule... and I'll try to collect them in some organized fashion by week's end... but one that may particularly catch your eye/ear here in Fredericton is the Leonard Cohen - Live in Fredericton e.p. that is seeing a vinyl release for RSD.

Originally released as a free one-day download by iTunes and National Post, the recordings, made at The Playhouse in 2008 as Cohen kicked off his world tour here in Fredericton, will now be revived on vinyl.

Not much information is provided as yet, only an order line in our distro database.  The original e.p. was only 5 tracks:

- Bird On The Wire (Live in Fredericton, 2008)
- Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live in Fredericton, 2008)
- Heart With No Companion (Live in Fredericton, 2008)
- In My Secret Life (Live in Fredericton, 2008)
- Who By Fire (Live in Fredericton, 2008)

However the line listing for  Leonard Cohen - Live in Fredericton has it as an LP and not a 12", and with a sale price of around $24.98, suggesting it might be expanded to a full length album (though it MAY just be a pricey e.p. ... I am attempting to ascertain that before deciding on how many to order).

Just thought you'd be interested.  Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE: According to CBC New Brunswick the release will contain the same five tracks as the digital download.

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