Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Thalia Zedek

Today's recommendation:

Thalia Zedek - Trust Not Those In Whom Without Some Touch Of Madness (Thrill Jockey 2004)

If you're looking for a female artist that hits the sweet spot between Patti Smith and Cat Power then Thalia Zedek is your gal.  She got her start w/ noise rock/punk outfit Live Skull in the 80s before starting a kind of estrogen infused Blues Explosion project called Come with Codeine drummer Chris Brokaw.

Her first solo album, Been and Gone, was released on Matador in 2001.  It was a more downbeat, late night Leonard Cohen affair, but Trust Not Those... has a more energetic aspect, notable especially for the cello work by Michael Curry, on loan from Willard Grant Conspiracy.

You can hear a streaming version of the album

It is available for the low low price of $7.96 at Backstreet Records in Fredericton

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