Monday, January 18, 2010

From the desk of Magnet Magazine

MP3 At 3PM: Robert Pollard
Robert Pollard has yet another amazingly prolific year planned. While his ’90s indie-rock peers are busy cashing in on the reunion circuit, Pollard continues to record and release new music at an astonishing clip. First up is the “Silk Rotor” seven-inch with two exclusive b-sides (January 26), and then the fun begins. There’s solo album We All Got Out Of The Army (February 23), Circus Devils’ Mother Skinny (March 30) and a Boston Spaceships’ EP (Camera Found The Ray Gun; April) and LP (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks; May). Pollard is currently working on another solo album (Moses On A Snail) as well as collaborations with Gary Waleik of Big Dipper (Mars Classroom) and ex-GBV guitarist Doug Gillard (ESP Ohio). MAGNET is proud to premiere “Talking Dogs” from We All Got Out Of The Army below.
“Talking Dogs” (download):

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